Monday, March 18, 2013


These two markers indicate the Homestead Unit in close proximity to the Aboriginal Tent Embassy. It's been going since 1972 and transformed continuously during that time, as a protest site, a depository of history and an active campsite. I've felt really cautious in approaching the embassy partly out of shyness and also out of empathy; it's gets tedious having to entertain the public and be on display for viewers (and tourists). It definitely feels like I've been subject to that experience.

I worked up enough courage and went over there this afternoon and had a chat with Tarquin, who was roasting coffee beans on an open fire. He said I could have an authentic aboriginal experience that I could tell my white friends about. Which was a piercing joke, and kinda hit on that exact difficulty I had been feeling. It's better to laugh right? Tarquin was great though, a generous person, who spoke very positively about the future and potential of the site. He also let me stir the coffee beans.