Friday, March 8, 2013

Recent visitors.


Trish and Liv came for dinner.

Lia (and Derek) for mint tea.

Viv, Josh and Nigel came by. Josh shouted us coffees from the cafe.

Oscar demanded a banana.

As a slight surprise, last night the sculpture garden was filled with people celebrating Canberra itself, as part of something called the Enlighten festival. From about 5pm, in amongst cooking for guests I was approached by a steady flow of people. The festival had many events (something that looked like a reenactment of Parisian life) and even a stage with live trapeze artists. So the Homestead Unit was also treated like some sort of entertainment. I am interested in people but I'm not going to simplify my relationship to an audience by being endlessly accommodating. I have limits. I experience shyness and physical and emotional exhaustion.

On Friday I decided to install a simple fence using star pickets and a yellow and green patterned cord.  Partly I was encouraged by a suggestion by Andrea and also by Bianca Hester's propositional work, to cordon off a small patch of public grass so that it can grow wild.