Monday, March 18, 2013


I got my hands on some info about public fruit trees planted by government along nature strips and so forth in Canberra and today I went out in search of some in the suburb of Ainslie. Strangely, I didn't find any public trees on my list, but I did find fruit trees hanging over the front of yards, that are easily accessible by human hands. If you don't mind stealing, which I don't, then these are some locations:

Crab apples at 68 Limestone Ave.

Persimmons at 58 Limestone Ave.

Pomegranates at  34 Tyson St.

Locuts at 168 Duffy Street.

I also found these small seed pod things on the giant nature strip down Limestone Avenue. I don't know if they're edible, but there were alot of them. Also the inner north of Canberra is virtually awash with acorns. I know they are used as feed for animals, but acorn flour is also used in various cuisines.